2012 Races & Results

Run for Young 5k 1/7 (24:43 PR-tie) Raleigh, NC

ING Miami Half Marathon 1/29 (2:17:31) Miami, FL

St. Patty's Run Green 8K 3/3 (42:58) Raleigh, NC

Tobacco Road Half Marathon (2:03:33) 3/18 Cary, NC

Second Empire 5K Classic (25:21) 3/25 Raleigh, NC

Cary Road Race 10k *short course* (51:16) 4/14 Cary, NC

Run Raleigh 5k (24:43 PR-tie) 4/15 Raleigh, NC

Tar Heel 10 Miler 4/21 (1:31:15 PR)Chapel Hill, NC

UPMC Health Plan Pittsburgh Half Marathon, (2:05:12) 5/6 Pittsburgh, PA

Running of the Bulls 8k, (41:21 PR) 6/2 Durham, NC

Raleigh 8000 8K (42:30) 8/25 Raleigh, NC

Ridgewood Turkey Trot 8k (42:53) 11/22 Raleigh, NC


  1. Stumbled across your blog... inspiring and interesting. I'm also a former 330 (1st year of grad school hurt), but I've found running and despite having two little ones I've found time to race a bit. Did Tobacco Rd 1/2 and Pittsburgh full last year. I'm also an only child... so this particular post was interesting... I sometimes treasure that long run alone time after a busy week. I'd say we should hit up a run together, but I'm down here in Charlotte, so good luck and maybe I'll see you at a race sometime in the great state of NC. We've got a nice 10 miler down here in Charlotte next weekend, not the 10K you're looking for, but still something of a test before your 1/2.

  2. M-

    Yeah, I love running here in NC except in June and July . . . way too hot. I haven't don my first full yet. But I am about 100% sure I'll do the 2014 Tobacco road as a full. I keep my race Schedule updated fairly well, so if you see that we're running the same event let me know.