Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why am I writing this?

Well, I have been working out for some months now, and I am doing pretty well. But, my noodle has been my biggest adversary thus far. I talk about working out way too much, I obsess over tiny changes in my body, I talk about my workouts in great detail to people who I can tell tuned out before I even started speaking, I am pretty sure that I am driving my wife crazy, pissing off my friends and co-workers, and . . . you gueesed it . . . I am still fraught with self-doubt. Now, I am not doing all of this because I am some vain egomaniac. Really, I'm not! I swear. Promise. I am just struggling to keep my head screwed on straight and stick with something that I so desperately want to stick with. So, sometime back I thought that I should start posting about my experiences on Facebook in order to get out some of minds messiness. But I am sure that I am just annoying a bunch of people that I haven't spoke to since high school, confirming that I am still a mess to the people that I haven't spoken to since college, and letting my co-workers see a side of me that I think is best kept under tight wraps.

So, I figured that I would write this blog and launch all my crazy ass thoughts into the vast void of cyber space and not have to worry about my shrinking Facebook friend count or the number of characters in my stinking wall post.

Also, I hope that by writing this blog that I can keep up my current level of motivation, which is through the roof!

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