Friday, June 29, 2012

Hitting the Benjamin Mark

Yesterday's six miler saw me achieve a major goal of mine. I crossed the century mark, 100 miles, for the first time in a single month. Somehow the idea of laying down 100 miles in a month really inspired me. My guess is that I knew it would require me to run when I was tired and to commit to my running schedule in a way that I hadn't in the past.  And, it would require me to turn off all the How I Met You Mother repeats, which I need to do because Ted's been dragging this crap on for way too long!  Anyway, over the last three weeks I watched only 3 hours of TV and half of that was Enter The Dragon on Netflix, which shouldn't count because Bruce Lee films are High Art, and I'll brake out all my mad Nunchuck skillz from 1986 on anyone, who dares argue otherwise! 

But I digress, hitting the century mark was a big deal for me because I knew it would force me to run when I was tired, sore, sleppy, and wanted to do nothing more than roll around on the floor a bitch about how I was FAB (Fu@ked at Birth). Over the last month, I've stayed on course and as the days progressed I got more and more use to the routine. I realized that I have need to push myself more for a long time now and that after laying down these 100 miles, neither of my legs is going to fall off. So, next month looks like it might just be a 120+ month, if I don't melt from all of this 100 degree heat!


  1. Welcome to the hundo club friend!!! Congrats!!! I can't wait to get back to it myself, hoping for August/September.

    1. Thanks, I am hoping this will be a stepping stone to my first full Mary!