Friday, June 1, 2012

Biorhythms of Bad Running and Afro-Mullets

Sorry Kanye, I rocked it first.  Granted been biracial did give me an advantage.
Yesterday';s run was awesomely awful.  My legs felt like Franken-legs.  I was running on a treadmill in desperate need of place in the scrap yard, and I was hungry as all get out.  I woke up late yesterday and couldn't get in my morning run, tried to go a lunch time but just couldn't get away from work.  I did manage to drag myself to the gym at 6 O'clock in hope of getting my run in at last.  However, it just felt wrong from the start.  According to this super scientific Bio Rhythm chart that I found on the Internet (and we can all trust everything that we find on the Internet), it wasn't my fault!  My run was Doomed from the start.  My DNA was all kinds of DNF yesterday!  My physical Biorhythms were at rock bottom. 

How could I be expected to fight SCIENCE!  Biology was out to get me just like it was in 9th grade when it gave me one of the world first Afro-mullets.  You can't fight Science, right?  It wasn't my fault that my run sucked or that I rocked the Afro-mullet from 1988 to 1994, right?  Right?  RIGHT!

Personally, I just thought that my motivation was crap because didn't have the desire to push myself and I kind of sucked yesterday.  Who Knew that my Biorhythms were all out of wack and it wasn't my fault.  Now I just need to find a Biorhythm chart that covers style.  I bet it will show that style biorhythms were bottomed out for most of my entire life!

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  1. I hate a bad run day, but they do make the next good one even better!