Monday, September 24, 2012

A Happy Little Runner Running Through A Bob Ross World

Saturday's run was just enough of a struggle that it caused me some concern about running on Sunday.  My plan had been to make an attempt a topping my weekly mileage out at 30 miles, which would be my new high water mark.  But, Saturday, had been a bit warmer than I had expected, and I was feeling the miles more than I should.  However, since I am inching close to the uncertain times of Hiroko's pregnancy, I thought that I had better go for 30 miles now.  Luckily, the morning was nice and cool with just enough cloud cover and strong breeze that kept everything nice and cool.

Entrance to the Greenway at Meredith College
I have been running the same route over the last few weeks in order to stay closer to home and get used to wear most of my runs are going to take place over the next year or two.  Luckily, the Greenway near my house really offers a lot of interesting sights as well as a challenging course.

I go through two tunnels, cross run bridge, run through a college campus, a museum, past a research farm, a small lake and into a State Park all in the span of five miles, which makes this a pretty awesome place to run.  Sunday, I began to feel like as though I were running through a world created by Bob Ross.  The sky was impossibly blue, and filled with happy clouds and happy trees, which just caused my run to pass by with an amazing senses of calm and ease.  Frankly, the feeling actually mirrored the calming high that you get from watching an old episode of Bob Ross' show.  I ended up doing 11.5 miles and crossing the 30 mile mark in a rather peaceful fashion that left me with the feel that good old Bob was smiling down on me saying something like "let's just add a happy little runner on the side of this road".    


  1. That is a nice green way, but those hills near the art museum are no joke. Struggle every time. Haven't been on it sense the new portion has opened towards Crabtree, but I need to try it out. Glad to hear that your run went well.

    1. I ran that trail one time just before the bridge was completed. It seems nice, and I hear that they will be using it as part of the City of Oaks this year.