Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Challenges for a New Year

I would LOVE to tell you that I am setting new distance goals for 2013, or a new pace goal, maybe even a foray into the Marathon, but those goals are all secondary at this point.  My wife's maternity leave ends this week and rather that put or son in daycare (we don't have family in the area to help), we've decided to just work around our work schedules.  Luckily, I can work from home a little and my wife schedule is flexible enough to mostly work around mine.  However, workouts and runs will all be subject to very narrow windows that will be inflexible.

My son is still too small to go in the running stroller yet, but we will be incorporating lots of long walks in to out exercise regime.  Over the Christmas holiday I made a concerted effort to begin working out at home rather the relying on the gym, so that I can get in my workout on days when a trip to the gym becomes an impossibility.  Kaito is pretty good about sleeping after walks and after he eats, so I should be able to get my exercises in during those times on most days.  In addition, I've taught myself to incorporate household chores into my workouts.  My main concern is finding time for long runs.  Any run under 6 miles can be sandwiched into a lunch hour or done early before work hours, but those runs over six are going to mean no sleeping in on weekends and I will have many a sleepy day ahead of me.  So really for this year, my goal is just to stay fit, keep running, and do more than my fair share of taking care of my son, the house, and our cat.

I see keeping it all together as my big challenge for this year, and frankly, I am looking forward to it because . . . well I am awesome at wasting time.  Since I've become a dad there are many other things that I would like to be awesome at rather than wasting time, for an example see the video above.

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