Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Photos From Tobacco Road Half Marathon

Here are some photos that Hiroko and I took from today's Tobacco Road Marathon & Half Marathon.  I had a really good race, which I'll detail later once the official time has been posted.  But for now here are some pictures from a great race!  Most of the pics are of the start, the end of the Half and some of the elite finishers of the Full.  Help yourself if you see a picture of you or a friend. 


  1. I ran the marathon last year but couldn't get there this year.
    Did the transportation go well this time around?

    1. Yes, I didn't run the race last year, but I had heard that the buses were a major problem last year. However this year there were no issues at all that I saw or heard about. All the chatter that I have seen on the web and at the race indicated that it was much improved.