Sunday, March 11, 2012

Trust Technology or the Force

As a child of the late '70s & early '80s, I have a penchant for geeking out on Star Wars.  I mean -- I got to see the original on both the big screen and at the drive in (you can start envying me, Now!  Because I won't lie to you, it was freaking awesome).  Anyway, today I had a long run that just felt all kinds of wrong (-- like watching Episode I on Spike TV).  Hay Fever season is getting underway and only exacerbated my mouth breather tendencies, there was the time change, my falling out of love with peanut butter Gu, an assortment of pains both real and imagined, and the poor Saturday dinning choices of leftover Curry and rice for lunch, and a pork roast for dinner, which all combined to make me nuts for the entirety of my 9 mile run in Umstead.  However, when I came home and plugged in Old Bob (named after a character from The Black Hole) to look at the data from my horror show of a run, it wasn't that bad.  I was basically on par with last week's 12 miler and a bit slower than a 10 miler I did on the same course about 3 weeks ago, but the numbers didn't look as nearly as bad as the run felt. 
Screw you Obi Wan the damn computer stays on!

But this goes against all the teachings of Star Wars, I mean, Luke turned off his targeting computer and searched his feelings to take out the Death Star, but here I am clinging to technology (the tools of the Empire and the Dark Side) and trying to ignore my feelings.  I feel like I just kicked an Ewok in the face!  Actually, that's not true, I'd love to kick an Ewok in the face.  I just found out that Darth Vader was my Father . . . no that one would be even better than kicking the Ewok . . . Ok, I feel like I just turned my friend over to Lord Vader and an overrated bounty hunter that I can't understand why so many people are obsessed with Boba Fett, that's a better comparison.   Anyway, my point is this is all kind of counter intuitive and I don't know which to trust my feelings about the run or the data from my Garmin.  Maybe, the run was only bad because my mind was all twisted by my negative emotions . . . oh who knows . . . I just hope that over the course of the week things sort themselves out before my Half Marathon next weekend.   


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