Saturday, March 3, 2012

Run Green 8k 2012 Recap & Pictures

What Do You Mean "I have the Wrong Holiday?"
I ran this race last year and have wanted to run it to run it again this year to see how I have improved.  All I can say is what a difference a year makes!  The Run Green 8k is a hilly race that twists its way through the historic Oakwood neighborhood of Raleigh.  Most of the hills are not too bad, but they are mainly one after the other.  I realized that I would have to run a smart race in order to avoid an early flame out.

My week leading up to the race had been rather stressful due to two days of internet issues, some major storms traveling through the area, and a medication change for my asthma that did not go well.  However, the race had a 3pm start time, which allowed me to relax a bit before the race.  And Honestly all you really need to know is that I ran well and set a new 8k PR of 42:58, which is nearly 2 minutes faster than I ran this course last year and eclipses my 8k PR from the Ridgewood Turkey Trot in November by 62 seconds!  

Since Hiroko came with me and took lots of pictures, I'll spare you the details of my time on the course and just share with you some images from the race.

All smiles before the race

Hiroko & I

Fast Kids.

Some fast people and some people in for a rough race

More Fast people

Me heading out for a great race!

He carried it proudly the whole way.

Fast Kid comes back fast!

More Fast people

The Fast and the Festive -- much better than any Vin Diesel flick!

First Female (maybe?)

Lot's of great support at this race!

He carried that damn thing the whole way!
On my way to a new PR

The Drum Line Lined the Finish and was awesome motivation at the end of the race!

Feel Great and can't wait for 2013's race!

They just lifted you up as you approached the finish

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Hiroko Loved them too!

I wish they were at ever race that I ran in!

Of course, we have to have some Bag Pipes!

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  1. Congrats again on a great race and new PR!!! Love that drumline at the end of the race, what a way to bring it in!