Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Run Raleigh 5k:

The Run Raleigh Half Marathon & 5k are in the first year, and I didn't really account for them in my race plans for the spring.  I hadn't planned on running either race, but Hiroko's company was one of the sponsors of the event, and I was offered a free entry into either race.  As tempting as a free Half Marathon might be (and it is really tempting), it just did not fit into my plans, so I opted to run the 5k.  I was already singed up for a 10k the day before, but I figured that a 5k wouldn't mess things up.  As it turns out, I had a blast. 

Hiroko and I arrived just as the Half Marathon folks began their race, and we were able to take a few pictures of some friends, who were running the Half and then make our way to the starting line for the 5k race.  Hiroko wasn't planning on running too hard and only wanted to finish under 30 minutes.  I wasn't sure how I was going to run, but as we neared the start of the race, I noticed that with the size of the field, I might be able to place fairly well and maybe challenge for my age group, so I decided to run it for real and see how things shook out.  I won't bore you with the details, but I ran well finished 21 out of a field of 264 and came in third in my age group.  It was a small race, but I was able to tie my PR of 24:43.  Hiroko came in well under her 30 minute goal, and placed second in her age group.  Unfortunately for her they had her gender wrong, and only awarded prizes to the overall age group winner.  However, none of those things could put a damper on what was a really fun day.  Next year, I'll be looking for this race when I plan out my spring schedule and hope to make a run at the Half Marathon.

I met this sweet boy after the race.

Hiroko took this picture of me after I made the turnaround

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