Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Season of Sweat II

My Season of Sweat and TV Challenge continued over the holiday.  I spent Saturday and Sunday running on the trails and utility roads of Umstead park, and Monday saw a nice gym workout at the Y.  In addition, I also got in a couple of walks with Hiroko along with some good old fashioned house work. 

The runs were both really good, but Sunday';s run was too late in the morning and turned into a major sweat-fest.  They were also plagued by the fact that my inhaler was running out and I was forced into making it last 3 day when it was going to run out in a day and a half.  Running on a sweltering day when your breathing is messed up is not at all fun.    Also, I had upped my mileage by way more than the recommended 10%.  More like a 30 to 40% increase from the week before, which along with my extra Jump rope sessions had my legs feeling like lead by the second mile of each run.  However, I was able to push through. 

I saw this on a blog and it really seems to fit nicely with a lot of the ideas that I have been kicking around lately.
As for My TV Challenge:  It is going strong.  Last week I watched just over two hours.  1 hour of Mad Men, 1 hour of Tosh.0, and I started the Swedish version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but stopped watching because of all of the arbitrary and unnecessary changes made to the story.  I don't mind making some changes for the film versions, but it get pissed when the changes seemed to be made for no real reason, which seemed to be the case with this film.  Regardless, my TV viewing is still far below my goal of one hour per-day, and I was able to avoid getting sucked into any of the Memorial Day War Movie Fests, which show movies that I grew up watching as a kid and have seem tons of time.  Still, I an hard pressed to pull myself away from the Great Escape, Stalag 17, or Where Eagles Dare when they are on TV. 

I spent a lot of my time reading and getting together with friends, which is how I would like to spend my time rather than sitting in front of the TV wasting my life away.  I saw this on a blog and it really seems to fit nicely with a lot of the ideas that I have been kicking around lately.    

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