Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hip Pointers, Dengue Fever, Color Blindness, and Taper Madness! 11/3

This is an old photo, but it is just about
 sums up how I feel on the inside right now.
 Not suffering from three of the four things in the title of this post.  Can you guess which one I have?  I am not sure if you can call it Taper Madness when you are just training for a 5k, but whatever it is, I've got it.  I have a race this weekend, and I am trying to reduce my running a bit, so instead of running my normal 3 miles on Wednesday, I just did about 1.5 miles which I split between the Treadmill and the indoor track.  I only did this to get a good warm up before hitting the foam roller and stretching.  I could feel my cranky left leg getting . . . well . . .cranky all day yesterday, which made the foam roller and a stretch seem inviting.  Everything went fine at the gym.  Then I went home and everything was fine there too.  But right before bed, the tendon that runs along the top of my left foot to my big toe started getting sharp pains.  It didn't feel like it was something that would last but after trying to walk it off, it just wouldn't go away.  Finally, I started to roll my feet as I was trying to go to sleep, and the pain went away or I fell asleep without noticing.  No matter, this morning when I woke up the foot was fine.  However, my right hip was sore.  Now, I have been alive for 30 some odd years, and I have had tons of aches and pains, but I can tell you for a fact that my right hip has never once hurt.  My right hip is like the English . . . no complaints . . . stiff upper lip and all that!  There is no reason for my right hip to be hurting even in the slightest.  Then, I am sitting at work sifting through my 112 unread e-mails and start feeling dizzy, which makes me wonder if I am getting sick, maybe it is caffeine withdraw, or two much caffeine, perhaps I should drinks some water, maybe I need some fresh air, could it be Dengue Fever? Maybe, I should adjust my chair . . .OK that didn't work, maybe I should adjust it back . . .OK let's dim the lights . . .Who Knows !?!  Call it what you will Taper Madness. Pre-race jitters, Greg being Greg, whatever it is . . . I just want to Fast forward to Saturday, so I can run this race!


  1. With all that frenetic energy, I'd say you are going to kick serious butt on your race this weekend, even if they're only giving out awards by age group. I hope Hiro is hanging in there dealing with all that Greg being Greg!

    I was going to guess color, I'm always wrong. Lol