Monday, November 29, 2010

Hiroko's First Umstead Run -- My Attempt at a Q&A: 11/25

She said . . . He said.
Q & A:

Greg: So, how did you like running in Umstead.

Hiroko: I liked it, but it scared me.  But, it was defintely easier to run distance than on a flat surface, but I hurt my ankle.

Greg: why do yo think that it easier?

Hiroko:  Because it has a lot (inclines and declines*) and I don't have to push much on the declines.

Greg:  Do you think that you will run it again.

Hiroko: Hmmm . . . if the leaves are not there.

Greg: Did you like running with me?

Hiroko: Umm (Japanese way of saying uuuhhh)

Greg:  Which part of the trail did you like best?

Hiroko:  The part of the loop before the bridge because it is flat.

Greg: Did you like because there weren't that many rock and roots, and more soft pine needles

Hiroko: Yes, and ofcoures .  But, I like running in the woods, the sights and sounds, and there weren't any cars and buildings.

--At this point, Hiro falls asleep.--  My first ever attempt at an interview is a failure because my interviewee finds my questions, so boring that she falls asleep!!  Not really the case, Hiroko is a champion sleeper and can fall asleep at anytime and anywhere.  So this is basically par for the course with her. 
*Greg's words for what Hiroko described.

On Saturday, we ran in Umstead together for the first time.  Hiro really enjoyed the run, but was a little freaked by the possibility of turning her ankle.  I admit that this was not the best time of year to take her to run there because of all of the leaves on the trail, but I was surprised when she said that she wanted to go with me.  We ran the first 4.8 miles, and she was fine for the first mile, but then she turned her ankle and got a good scare.  She was able to walk off the pain, but she did really enjoy herself as much as she had for the first mile.  Ironically, she tripped at a relatively easy part of the trail.  I think she more took a bad step than anything else.  This run was much slower for me, and spent a lot of time pointing out roots, rocks, as well as which part of the trail is easier.  I didn't mind this at all because I was concerned for Hiroko.  Also, I wanted her to enjoy the run, so that one day I might have an Umstead running partner.  Currently, Hiroko is having some soreness in her ankle, but there isn't any swelling or discoloration.  It's more from an old volleyball injury that has caused a ganglion cyst on her ankle, which she has to get drained from time to time (it is gross but cool to watch . . . I'll take off work to go to the doctor's office with her just so I can watch!).  Also, Hiro is just not having used working her ankles like you have to on this type of trail.  I had the same kind of soreness after my first few runs in Umstead.  I am fairly sure that she'll be in a day or two.  This run was a really good and unexpected addition to my holiday running, and I am happy that Hiro wanted to go with me.

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