Monday, November 1, 2010

nOg Run Club: 3 Miles & a Meal

Wow!  Can't tell you how much I enjoyed this run!  Hiro and I got to Tir Na Nog on time this week and were able to leave with the main group of runners at 6pm, and it was a blast.  Running through the streets like that was so much fun.  You could see people in their cars just wondering "what the heck is going on?" and "Where did all of these runners come from?"  It looked like some thing out of a Nike commercial, especially when you consider that people were running 3,4,5, and 6 mile courses that intersected or over lapped randomly.  You would be running along in your pack and then all of the sudden a group of ten or so runners would come out of nowhere, join you for a little bit, then you would veer off and they would keep going straight.  I didn't have any issues with staying on course, but I got a bit ahead of Hiro and she said that she nearly got lost once, but was able to see where the runners ahead of her had gone. We did the same 3 mile course as last week.  I was planning on sticking with her but found myself running really well, while she was struggling with the cold air in her lungs for the first mile; she kept waving me on and there was a guy who I was trying to keep up with, so I stopped worrying about sticking with her and just ran at the pace that felt comfortable.  The guy that I was trying to keep up with was clearly in better shape than me, but I was taller and had a longer stride.  He was able to pull away from me after the 2nd mile, but I was close to catching up with him when a traffic light caught me.  He finished about a half a block ahead of me, but I felt really good about my effort.  I expected that I would have to wait a while for Hiro, but she finished at a minute behind me, which I couldn't really believe because I was running a lot stronger than I had been recently.  She is so competitive!  Also, I am really proud of her for attending because she has to be up at 3am, tomorrow, so she can be at work by 5am!  Allstar !in my book

After our run, we saw one of Hiro Co-worker and her roommates, who were about to join the late comer's run.  Hiro got a Facebook message from them late that said they had a great time and will be back next week, so maybe we will start seeing more people that we know at these runs.  After a stretch we sat down to a nice warm plat of pasta, some bread, and salad.  It wasn't the best or worst thing that I have eaten, but for a buck, who am I to say a word!?!  It was great!  The nOg Run Club is a permanent addition to my weekly agenda!


  1. I always find someone ahead of me to keep in pace with. And it's even better when they tire out and you end up passing them. You'll get him soon enough!!

    Your running club sounds faabulous!

  2. I've heard about this club, but this is the first participant recap I've seen. May need to check this out.

    Nice to find another Tarheel blogger/runner out there. West of the Mississippi seems to dominate the blogosphere.

  3. Hey, I posted on your blog, bu it might get lost in all of the posts from your giveaway. It is good to see another local runner on here. You're right about the west coast crowd! You have to checkout the nOg Run! I is just really great! I hope to see yout there. I started following you blog as well, so hopefully we can help keep reach other up on the local stuff.

  4. hey thanks for stopping by my blog. :) I need to join a running club. Running with a buddy for all or part of a run is so much fun.

    As for your comment on my blog. You're a GENIUS! Hunting is actually major around here too. My hometown has a HUGE party/dance the Sat. of opening pheasant season. Deer hunting is big, but not nearly as much. I may hold off on the urine for now... but thanks for the tip. :p Hahahahah.