Friday, July 22, 2011

More Maintenance: 7/19

Tuesday, I went to the gym and did more maintenance work.  But had a bit less success.  The heat has just gone nuts here like it has in most of the country and by the time I got the gym my lungs were just unable to take on the dreadmill.  Instead, I did more abs, legs work, and stretching.  I felt better afterward, but decided to take Wednesday off.  I planned on going to the gym on Thursday, but I wasn't feeling up to it by the end of work.  Still I figured that the best way to get myself focused on running again was to make plans for when I can run again.  So, I picked out and registered for two races: an 8k at the end of August and a 10k at the beginning of October.  Just putting these on my calendar helped my frame of mind because it allowed my to focus on what it will be like to run and again and stop thinking about how I am currently not running.


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  1. Ooo, good job diverting your attention! These races look like they'll be fun too.