Wednesday, July 6, 2011

On the Shelf: 6/28 to ???

Hiroko and I went to Toning Class last Tuesday and during class I began to have a bit of a cough.  Later that night, my cough turned into a cold.  By Wednesday morning, a fever had set in and it was apparent that I had the flu.  Wednesday was crazy bad, fever, joint pain, wretched cough, delusions about ganache recipes (Random and odd).  Thursday was better, but Friday was worse and I felt very weak.  Throughout the weekend, I kept thinking that I would surely feel better the next day, only to be disappointed.  Everything has gotten better except for a persistent hacking cough that keeps me up all night.  I went to the doctors, and am now on tons of meds (the even gave me an inhaler!), but the cough is still here.  I've lost over 7 pounds since I have been sick just from the fever, night sweats, lack of appetite.  Last night, I coughed so much that I strained my next and gave myself a headache.  I won't be running or working out until I get this sorted out; however, I can't imagine it lasting much longer.  I am trying to look at this in a positive manner but being sick just sucks . . . and being sick in the summer is even worse.  Yuck!

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