Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happiness Found In not Turning Myself Into a Pretzel and in the Looooong Awaited Joy of Others! 12/8

It's a cool morning, I'm through the rough part of my workout week and feeling rather awesome.  The bike ride to work has been kind of difficult following my five mile run and ab workout, but I've passed all the hills, gone by the Feral Cat Colony, which always make me happy, and passed the last traffic light.  It's all smooth sailing, right?  Well, I wouldn't be writing this if that were true, would I? 

My workout week went by with near clockwork perfection.  I got up everyday a 4:15am just like planned.  Monday and Wednesday were X-Training days -- 30 minutes of biking on Monday followed by abs and push ups, Wednesday was 30 Minutes of Jump Rope, abs and push ups.  Tuesday and Thursday were running: 3 Dreadmill Miles on Tuesday, and 5 wonderful, crisp cool air filled pre-dawn miles this morning, and more push us and abs followed both of these days as well.  Nearly the perfect workout week, so what did I have to do . . . you guessed it . . . I had to wreck it  -- literally.

Greenway near my office (Not where I wrecked)

Rather than ride on the street like usual, I opted to take the campus Greenway because . . . it is . . . wait for it . . . SAFER!  Yep, I was even applauding myself for going the longer way and avoiding a tricky intersection right as I laid Frankenbike down.  I forgot that part of the green way has a weird curvy wooden ramp.  Why?  I have no earthly idea.  It looks cool, which is more than likely why.  However, when it gets wet, you may as well be on skates.  I hit the ground pretty hard, but other than so stiffness, some road rash on my knees, and a bit of soreness in my leg, everything seems alright.  Nothing popped nor is there anything sticking out, and Frankenbike seems fine, so it could have been worse. 

In addition to my joy over not turning myself into a human pretzel, I was met with some wonderful news in my Google Reader that also helped to brighten up my day!

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