Monday, December 12, 2011

Hiroko's First 6 Miler In Pictures & Video 12/11

Thursday's Bike crash had my limping around my office all day Friday and a still pretty sore on Saturday.  However, I did three miles on the Dreadmill with little problem.  My leg wasn't feeling good for the first half mile, but once I got warmed up, there were no porblems.  Sunday morning was pretty brisk, but for some reason Hiroko decided to join me on my Six miler, which was shocking because Hiroko hates the cold and her longest run is a 5 miler.  I decided to hit the trails of Umstead as quickly as we could so she couldn't change her mind!

We're off!

Far fewer people out running on this day

Testing out my leg to see it is going to hold up

Hiroko's self Pic

Running in compression sock may look dorky but feels awesome!

Hiroko said she felt tried at the 3 mile mark

But, she still kept going!

I look happy . . . Hiro, not so much.

That's Better!

Running with the Horse made us both a bit giddy!

At least until we were behind the horse!

Mile and a half to go!

Still going strong!

Almost there!

You Got this!
High Five!

Post run oranges


  1. Love this! You guys are too cute! Congrats to Hiroko on her first 6 miler and cheers to your leg holding up for the run after that fall!

  2. Morgan,

    Thanks! It take a cute couple to know one ;) I hope that you and Spike are doing well with all the wedding planning madness. Hiroko and I were crazy with ours but everything worked out and we had a wonderful day!

    As for crashing my bike, the falling wasn't too bad, but I bent my leg in a way that it just wasn't meant to go. It is still sore but as long as my stride isn't thrown off, I think that I can keep running on it.