Monday, January 2, 2012

2012: The Year of Hard Work

Hard Work!

That's it.  My goal for 2012 is to make this the year of hard work.  I am tired to death of hearing how 2012 is going to be another tough economic year.  Sick of all the talk about the Mayan Calender.  I can't stand Bruno Mars' Lazy Day Song.  And, all of those Right Size Smoothies scams commercials make me want to hurl! 

Personally, I am dedicating myself to making tough choices and avoiding the easy path.  Why?  Because it's the only thing that makes any sense to me at this point.  The Mass Market blitz that we Americans face everyday telling us that we can have it all, easilyin 5 simple payments, effortlessly, and in no time is just complete bull shit!  And, I am sick of hearing about it.  Seriously, anyone who thinks that, shakes, smoothies, or meals in the mail, are some how better than good old fashion hard work and healthy living, is delusional.

All of the crazy gimmicks that we come up with to convince ourselves that we are really doing what's best for them is just mind-numbing to me.  Seriously, nothing gets done without effort and work.  That is not to say that people, who struggle with weight loss and weight issues are lazy and just need to hit the gym.  There are a lot of people out there busting their ass and still struggling with weight problems, while other people do nothing and stay skinny.  Life's not fair.

My focus on Hard Work is meant to be a personal initiative and not a blanket indictment of American Society, so if there happen to be any 24 hour news network pundit wannabees that stumble across my blog, before you hammer me for saying that Americans are lazy and afraid of hard work . . . back off because that is not what I am saying . . . American's are lazy and afraid of hard work, but that is not what I am saying here in  this post.  No . . . this is personal.  I have been lazy.  I have been afraid of hard work.  Yes, I go to the gym, and I run a lot, but more often than not I have been too lazy to really put in my consistent best effort, and I have been unwilling to put in the hard work of maintaining a healthy diet.

So this year, my goals are not outcome oriented.  I don't give a shit about how many pounds I lose, the speed or distance I run, or what size my pants are by years end.  My goal is to put in my best effort, work hard, and take on the difficult.  So, may 2012 hence forth be known as the year of hard work!

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