Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Truce with Old Man Winter is Over!

I'll take rain.  I am down with snow.  The blazing heat of summer in Raleigh is something that I can deal with for the most part.  But, I always forget just how damn windy it is around here in the winter.  This mornings temp was 28 degrees, which I am normally fine with.  After growing up in WV and attending college in the mountains of Western NC, 28 degrees is nothing more than hoodie weather.  However, when you couple it with 30 MPH wind gusts, it will make you rethink any proclamations you may have made about winter around here are "nothing to worry about".  I still have yet to thaw from my predawn 3 miler this morning, which was made damn near intolerable by the fact that I seem to have lost my gloves this weekend. 

Summer's in Raleigh are by far the worst.  God knows that I hate them with every fiber of my being.  But, I always seem to forget just what a sneaky bastard old man winter can be when here rears his ugly head around these parts.  Honestly, Raleigh's weather has been rather kind since mid August, so I shouldn't complain . . . But, I will!  I know that other people have it worse than I do when it comes to winter, but hey . . . one of the few redeeming qualities of living in the birth place of NASCAR is that the winter's are suppose to next to none existent.  I mean seriously . . . if I have to spend the entire week explaining to people why I did not eat black-eyed peas and collard greens (Yuck!) on New Years Day, I should at least be entitled to a few more days of our winter weather Christmas Truce! 

Oh well . . . I am 5 weeks away from the Miami Half Marathon where the weather is sure to AWESOME, so bring it on Jack Frost!

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