Monday, January 23, 2012

Trained and Pained: 7 Days till Miami

Home today suffering through the aftermath of a bout of food poisoning.  Yay.  What a wonderful way to go into race week!  I've also got a touch of Achilles soreness as well.  But, I am hopeful that with some rest, stretching, and a good tape job, it will be fine come race day (crossing my fingers as I type). 

Good news is that I am running well at the moment and feel confident that this will be a good race barring injury on the course or unforeseen calamity.  I still had some major doubts and nerves when I took the line for my first half marathon, but this time I am, well to quote Tyler Durden, calm as Hindu cows.

Ok . . . maybe no that calm, but I feel good and have a much greater idea of what to expect from myself.  My only worry is that this will be my first experience with a major destination race.  And, just making it form my home to the starting line might be a bit exhausting. 

As for expectations, I would like to run a sub 2 hour race and feel that I am very capable of hitting that goal.  I would need to run around a 9:10, which I think is a very comfortable pace for me at the moment.  I have worked on getting in better shape for this race and have lost somewhere around 7lbs since October 15th.  I have also gained a some muscle.  These changes are welcome and have added to my confidence.  I have set PR's in both the 8k and 5k since November, so I am hopeful that this run will bring better than expected results. 

I have already signed up for another Half in March as well as a 10 miler in April, so the next step will be to begin thinking about how I want to approach them.  But, I'll wait to make any real plans until I see how this race goes.

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