Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Treadmill Run: Tuesday 11/30

Treadmills were fun for me at one time.  However, now that I am have started running outside, joined running clubs, and found trails that I love to run, the treadmill has become almost like a punishment to me.  Yesterday, I went to the Y for the first time in some time and ran on a treadmill.   To say that I hated it, would be an understatement.  I ran for 30 minutes and did not run particularly well . . . Maybe Thanksgiving eating has caught up with me.  I did about 3 miles and got a good sweat, but it was a real slog fest over the last 15 minutes, and I felt bored out of my mind.  Also, there weren't any inclines or declines to have to adjust for, which is one way that I keep my mind occupied.  After the run, my left heel got kind of cranky, which hadn't happened in a long time.  However after looking over my blog, I noticed that I said something similar after running on the treadmill one of the last times that I ran on it, so I think this is a sign that I should just avoid the treadmill.

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