Sunday, October 31, 2010

Back on a Track: 10/31

I don't even want to try and count the number of years that it has been since I put even a toe on an outdoor track.  However, I decide to make use of the track that was built a bock away from my apartment.  Meredith college put in a new soccer field and track last year, but I have never made use of it.  I've thought about it for a while now but just never did anything about it.  I never liked running on tracks because they are really boring to run on and don't offer any shade.  But, I have several races coming up over the next five weeks and a nice rubberized flat surface only a block from my apartment was just way too inviting, so I was off to the track.  Luckily, the field was not in use today, so the track was open to the public.

Track I ran on today.  I am really lucky to live in one of the best areas for Runners in Raleigh.
I had planned on running the greenway, which starts right beside the track, but I was feeling a little bit more soreness in from my Plantar Fascittis this week than I have over the previous weeks and just thought that I shouldn't push it too much this close to my races.  I went for a little jog around the neighborhood before heading to the track to warm up, then did a little bit of stretching.  Running on the track felt great on my knees!  I could feel a huge difference between the track surface and the greenway and was immediately pleased with my decision.  I don't know any real speed drills to do on the track, so I just decide to do laps.  Next time I go to the track, I will have done my research.  I did 16 laps in lane six, which is close enough to four miles for me.  I didn't get bored  (Thank you Steve Jobs! If only the I-pod had existed when I was a kid!  I might not have gotten fat); however, the sun was really draining.  Today was in the 70's, but pretty sunny.  I could feel the difference from running in the shade of Umstead's trees the day before.  I'll really need to pay attention to my hydration when I use the track.  Overall, I enjoy myself and will try to pun in more time on the track.  I know that my knees will thank me.  After my run, I did some more stretching and then went home to watch the Raider's crush the Seahawks!

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  1. You keep finding the best running ground! Very jealous, but happy for you.

    3-4 Raiders vs 4-2 Seahawks with a 2.5 spread...leave to the silver and black to come up from out of nowhere. It's when they're up in the spread you can count on them to lose. As a die-hard Dodger fan, I'm in constant touch the raider nation--it's same fan base. :-P