Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Run For Her 5k: Greg Breaks a Promise 11/13 Report in Pictures.

Ok, Hiroko and I went to Los Angeles for a wedding and I promised that I would not run in any races during our trip because we were only going to be the from late Wednesday night till Sunday afternoon.  With the wedding on Saturday, there would just not be time.  So . . . I made a promise.  BUT  . . . on Friday Afternoon I just happened to notice that right out in front of our hotel they were putting up signs fro a street closing for a 5k on Sunday morning.  The one time that we had nothing planned and no real way to get anywhere.  So this happened . . .
I signed up for the Run For Her 5k in L.A.!!!!!!
Laced 'EM up tight
And took my place at the starting line

Hey, it is for a great cause!

The race was being run mainly along 3rd Ave. from Pan Pacific Park to Cedars-Siniai and back.  The course was ridiculously flat and would have spelled PR attempt under any circumstances other than having flown across country, spent four days walking all over L.A., and eating nearly everything place with reach of my face.  The weather was L.A. perfect after three days of clouds, and I felt decent considering I hadn't intended on running in a race.

The Race would go directly past the Farmers Market

Hiroko knew that I was happy and wasn't too mad !?!

A local military unit also took part int the race.

The pre-race warmup was just a bit too much for this east coaster.

As we lined up, I noticed something really important . . .

I am NOT the only Raider fan at the race!  Also, Raider Sweat band is a must have!

On your Marks!

get Set!

Here we go!

I am Running in L.A.

I went out too fast, but didn't really care.  I just wanted to enjoy the race.

Heading for home.

This was a great way to finish up an awesome vacation!

Bye Bye L.A.

I ran 3.1 in 27.03for 8:31 pace.

Mile 1 8:28
Mile 2 8:21
Mile 3 8:51

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  1. What a great way to see LA and a really good cause, good job fast pants!
    Glad Hiro wasn't too mad at you.