Monday, November 28, 2011

5 Mile Run in Pictures on the Tobacco Trail with Hiroko: 11/27

Hiroko and I went to the gym on Saturday despite the weather being near perfection, so on Sunday we wanted to get outside and enjoy what might be the last warm weekend of the year.  After running on the Tobacco Trail in a 10 miler last month, I wanted to take Hiroko there and show her the trail, which is a great rails to trails project.  I am at the beginning of a 10 week train program for the Half Marathon in Miami and was scheduled to do a 5 mile long run, which promised to be tough after four days of turkey. 
We're off!

We're both pretty happy to be outside enjoying the day!

The trial is flat, graded and well maintained. 

Hiroko is enjoying herself!

A Lot!

I had no idea she loved to run this much!

My calf problems seemed all right oin this run.

a little incline, but it looks worse than it was.

We are both running well

There are a couple of street crossings about one every mile or so.

Last time I ran here they had people handing out water and cheering . . . wish they were here now!

Hiroko is still enjoying the Run!

More than I knew!

Ok, now she is got her game face on. 

Still all smiles!

Time to head back!

Oh, I'm starting to feel the turkey

I think I smell gravy!?!

Hiroko Finds someone to race!

Got to love blue sky in  late November!

I shouldn't have eaten that stuffing!

Can I have a ride?

Actually the markers matched up on the way back.

Game Time!

I hear Foot Steps

Super Star!

It looks to be on!

Hiro Hiro Hiro!

Something is odd about all this!

Umm . . . we still have a half mile to go!

Hiroko kind of forgot where we started . . . oops!

And the winner is . . .

The person who ran 5 miles!

Now you can STOP!

I think that I see something. . .

Is that . . .



Point to the heavens!

But please don't get sick!

Thanks For running with us.

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