Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wonk Wonk Wonk . . . Three Shaky Miles of Wonk -- 10/29

I had aspirations of running four miles on Saturday, but that just didn't happen.  The run wasn't bad, I but something just felt of to me.  The cold weather seem the most likely reason at the time, but as the say in football, "upon further review" that might not be correct.  I have yet come to a firm decision on the matter but I have a race coming up that might just shed some more light on the subject.

The colds snap that hit the east coast was in full effect when I took this run and I didn't want anything to do with hills so I ran on Hillsborough Street, which I normally avoid like the plague, other than in the early morning hours.  During the day light hours the traffic and dumb-ass college guys who like to yell out car windows are just too much to deal with, but the cold weather means that most people are riding around with there windows rolled up, so the temptation to harass is tempered by effort and coordination needed to roll down the window.  I am not sure if the whole yelling things out he windows at people running is a product of living in the South, but I am pretty sure that the Asshole tribe has been spread wide and far across the worlds surface, and its members are compelled to make their presences felt no matter what region they reside.  Anyway, since it was cold and near kickoff for Florida States' drubbing of the Wolfpack, I felt the area would be fine to run in, which it was.  However, like I said . . . I just felt off so I took things nice and slow and put in my three miles.   

3 miles in 33:59 for a 11:02 pace

Mile 1 11:19
Mile 2 11:18
Mile 3 10:28


  1. Luckily I don't encounter too many a-holes here in SoCal. Here, people just tend to stick to themselves and don't give you too much trouble. I don't know, maybe I've just been lucky but I run a lot and don't encounter too many a-holes. Now having said that, I'll probably get some unwanted crap next time I run. Oh well.

  2. I agree w LB, the a$$holes haven't made it out this far yet. But I think it's because we have to pretend we are a bit healthier out here for tourism sake and so running outdoors is totally expected. I guess that makes the runners the a-holes? Lol

    That running clips were pure COMEDY!!