Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bad Miami Romance Has Me Looking for Love in Pittsburgh

Well my bad race romance with Miami has not ended my love affair with running.  On the contrary, ever since I returned home, I have been eying race calendars and looking for a new found racing romance to lust after.  Yes, I am already registered for the Tobacco Road Half Marathon, but I feel a desire for something more than a hometown girl can offer.  Sorry, but after being spurned by Miami there is no way that Cary, NC is going to win my heart.  No, I feel the need to sew some wild oats in my attempt to find racing love.  And there's a girl out there calling to me, and Pittsburgh is her name.  Pittsburgh . . . Pittsburgh!?! I know that the people, who know me well thing that this is a bad match, I mean -- I am a Raiders Fan, who also like the Washington Capitals!  I hate Pittsburgh nearly as much as I hate Denver!  But, folks the timing looks to be right, and who knows opposite do sometimes attract, so I may be just a few hours (and a spousal approval) away from Registering for the DICK'S SPORTING GOODS PITTSBURGH MARATHON & UPMC HEALTH PLAN PITTSBURGH HALF MARATHON on May 6th.

Pittsburgh is only 90 mins. from my hometown and the race coincides with my yearly visit, so it just is too good to pass up.  I will only be doing the Half if I do the race, which as it is right now the only thing that really is in the way of my registration is a pesky vacation request or two, otherwise this is a done deal.Truly, I just can't get the idea of running in another race before the sweltering summer months hit.  I came out of Miami injury free an really energized to run.

I've fit the gym with a purpose this week and feel like I am getting in some good work.  My eating habits continue to improve, and I think that my struggles in Miami have just strengthened my desire to get healthy.  Granted, it has only been a week, but I feel like I am moving with a clear purpose in mind.  I'll need to be sure not to over train, but I have gotten pretty good at listening to my body when I feel run down.

So here is a question for you: which inspires you more a bad performance or a good one?  I think that I am more inspired by a poor performance rather than a good one. 

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