Friday, February 10, 2012

Rest Day Rambling

Friday is my rest day, which I need, but I am getting antsy for no good reason--I want to get moving.  My workout week has gone well, my eating has remained under control, and I've gotten my sleep schedule in order after a little bit of difficulty at the beginning of the week.   I feel positive on many levels and am looking forward to both The Tobacco Road and Pittsburgh Half Marathons. I haven't weighed myself in sometime but don't feel the need at the moment because things are going in the right direction. Yesterday morning, I ran six miles before work, then hit the gym for a short ab session, which never would have happened before now. I really can't pin point what has happened that caused me to make such drastic changes in my life.  It wasn't long ago that I was 310 and wouldn't consider getting up a 4:30 am to run.  Perhaps, I just reached a level of dissatisfaction with myself that I had to put things in order. I am not sure. But, I am so very happy to be on this path. I don't know where it is leading me (do any of us really know), but I am so interested to find out what is in store for me. I am not really sure where I am trying to go with this post other than to say that, for this day, at least . . . I am really happy with where I am (heck, I am even enjoying living in Raleigh . . .a bit) and looking forward to what tomorrow might bring.   I know that there are a lot of changes that I need to make or at least consider, but I am more confident in my ability to change than ever.   

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