Saturday, February 18, 2012

How I Jinxed Either The Run Green 8K or The Tobacco Road Marathon (maybe both)!

To call this day anything short of gorgeous would be a crime -- I kid you not!  Unfortunately, my workout and running schedule called for me to do a quick 3 miler and a gym workout.  To make matters worse the weather for tomorrow, when I am suppose to do my long run, is crap.  Rain.  Snow, maybe.  Now, I am not opposed to running in the snow or rain, but the idea of passing up a gorgeous day and running on a yuck day like tomorrow to stick to a schedule that I made for myself, seemed way too rigid for the likes of me.  I know that my next race could have been a rainy day, and I should have run tomorrow no matter the weather in order to prepare.  But, it wasn't just the weather.  Also, Hiroko is working all day today and off tomorrow.  So, I made a selfish AIG-esque executive decision and decided to swap out my days for my own personal gains and risk running afoul of the gods of weather and running.  Yes That's how this works, I swapped out today and jinxed myself and every other poor soul, who signed up the same races as me.  Haven't you read The Rhyme of The Ancient Mariner?  All it takes is one asshole with a crossbow and everyone is screwed!  So, either the Run Green 8K or The Tobacco Road Marathon (maybe both) are now doomed to suffer hurricane force winds, golf ball size hail, a plague of locusts, and perhaps a nice shower of frogs.   Thanks to me.  Sorry Everyone! If it is any consolation, I did enjoy my eight miler today!

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