Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pittsburgh . . . I'm in!

Yep, I just registered for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon on May 6th.  Looks like I'll need to get in some hill work because where you have three rivers you also have hills.  Most of you know that I grew up in the shadow of Pittsburgh, just across the state line in Fairmont WV.  I've not spent much time in Pittsburgh, but in a lot of ways the area is still sort of home for me.  The accent is comforting and every time I hear someone mentions The Mon I know they're from my neck of the woods. 

I hope to get some family support come race day.  I know that Hiroko and my mom will be there, but I sure it won't take much effort to get some of the other family members to drive up and see me run (even if they will be supporting the only guy in the whole damn race wearing a Raiders headband!).  Raleigh is where I live, but North-Central West Virginia and southwestern Pennsylvania will always home, so it will be great to return for the first time as a runner. 

P.S. it may be early on a Sunday Morning, but after the race I want one of these . . .

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