Thursday, February 16, 2012

Beat Up, Worn Down, and In Need of a Rest Day

First off, let me say that I have at long last broken down and joined Twitter  so please follow me.  Also, I have created a page for Locker29 on Facebook, so you can be more connected to me than ever.  Hey, I guess that it is time that I join the collective . . . Resistance is futile after all!  Also, I have officially registered for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon in May, and if all goes well in my next two Half Marathons: Pittsburgh and The Tobacco Road, then a fall Marathon will be in order.
My Attacker: Name: Basil Aliases: Squirrel, Buddy
Status: At Large

Tomorrow is my rest day, and I hate to admit it, but I need it.  I got in all of my workouts this week despite some persistent soreness in my achilles/heel area, a migraine the day after Valentines Day, the return of The Walking Dead, and a vicious attack from a house cat while I was doing abs.  I ran 22 miles over four days this week, and got in 5 gym workouts.  I have stepped up my use of the rowing machine and have begun to enjoy it at last.  I am up to 30 min. rowing sessions and the only real issue I have with them is keeping my I-pod from sliding off my are. 

I saw this painted on a wall and snapped this picture as I ran past.

I took my camera with me on my Tuesday morning run, and had a lot of fun taking pictures as I ran.  most were crap, but I did take one that I liked a lot.  I never stop running when I take these and have no real photographic knowledge, but I enjoy taking these pictures while I run from time to time because it makes my look around at the world as I run.  The other day I was watching Forrest Gump on TV while I was in my hotel room trying to get sleepy after the Half Marathon.  The scene where he is talking about all of the places that he had seen in the world came on, and it made me resolve to stop and take in the more of the beauty our big blue world has to offer, which is one reason that I have begun to alter some of my more set running routes since I returned.  Honestly, I don't think that I ever got to know Raleigh until I began to run it.  I still have a very hot and cold relationship with the city, but it is not because it doesn't have a lot to offer visually. 
Saw this quote on a blog and just loved it.

Anyway, following a full week of workouts, I am going to reluctantly take things easy tomorrow, before getting back at it on Saturday.  I am on the verge of hitting a major weight loss goal of mine, but I am not there yet.  I'll have more about it when I reach it, but for now, I think that my eating and workouts are going in the right direction and I am excited to see what the future holds, so this is no time to do something dumb and push myself to the point of injury.  So tomorrow, I begin my rest day serenely and with a high spirit (and I hope that it sis devoid of cat attacks)!

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  1. 1. I'm LOL because I just posted on your FB wall wondering how I missed you joining and lo and behold you're just announcing it today.

    2. Good job on the working out this week despite all the various things that would warrant you missing a session, specifically zombies. (Duh what'd you think I meant, Valentines? Psssh)

    3. I would kill for a row machine at my gym! Seriously! It's a bitch of a workout but you feel like such a bad ass when you're done AND it helps you build up your cardio while giving the legs a rest and toning up your arms.