Monday, June 20, 2011

Free Flowin' Thursday Run -- 6/16

This sums up my entire run on Thursday.
I did 3.72 in 35:19.06 for a 9:29 pace.

I got off work late and didn't have time to use the bathroom before leaving for the Fleet Feet social run.  I did  the first mile in 8:47, I sort of had to go so I figured I had better push my pace.

Mile two -- things were starting to get worse so I just tried to maintain my pace.  Running in a residential area, so finding a tree or bush wasn't an option.  I did the second mile in 9:05

Mile three -- hitting some in inclines and the problems are getting worse.  I am really struggling and looking for a public restroom in some of the parks we are passing, but no luck at all.  I did the mile in 9:48.

The last .72 was full of hills, which were unpleasant.  I did the first two, but on the last hill it was either stop running or wet myself.  And since I haven't wet myself in a least 30' some odd years and this wasn't an actual race.  I chose not wetting myself.  I did the last .72 in 7:38.58 for a 10:36 pace.

Yeah, nothing else really to say about this run.  It was just uncomfortable all around.


  1. Ha, great song for needing to use the facilities! Funderson would tell you, I have to use the bathroom every DANG time I go for a run...I could go 16 times before I left the house. Too much information...sorry.

  2. Yeah, I thought that it was just the right song for the moment.