Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shelley Lake Run 6-8-2011

Hiroko and I decided to run at Shelley Lake again Last night.  We both enjoy running there for a multitude of reasons. Hiro likes it because it is mainly flat.  I like that it brings back fond memories of my first dog.  We both like that we don't have to deal with traffic . . .ect.  We did 2 miles together, which was really fun.  However, I forgot Old Bob, so I have know idea about our pace.  The heat wasn't bad be the time we got there, but we did work up a nice sweat regardless.  I felt pretty good with the way I ran and Hiro says that I seem to be running much stronger than the last time we ran together, but I know that she is just trying to set me up and plans to crush me at the Komen!  It is not going to work . . . I know exactly what she is up to and I plan on foiling her plan!  Because if I don't, and she turns in a faster time than me, I will never hear the end of it!
Shelley lake

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