Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tuesday Toning Class: 5/31

Wow, I felt shockingly good following Sunday's eight miler.  I little stiff but much better than I had expected.  Hiro and I had the day off together on Monday, which was like only the second time in all of May.  Boo!  We spent most of the day cleaning and shopping, both things that we needed to do in a big way.  We also did some rearranging of the apartment as well.  I  decided to use the day as an off day rather than try to fit a workout or a run in an already busy day.

Tuesday, we went the gym together to take a toning class.  There was a new instructor teaching the class, which made me happy because I enjoy mixing up my workouts.  I like it when I don't know what to expect from the instructor because it forces me out of my comfort level.  Also, every instructor has different ways of hitting a muscle group and when you got to the same person's class over and over, your body just get use to that method and the effectiveness is reduced.  Both Hiro and I enjoyed the class and were really glad that we attended.

Before the class, I did a mile on the Dread-mill at an 8:34 pace.  I could really hear a major difference in the way I ran.  Hiroko and I both noticed it.  My steps are much lighter and controlled.  The rhythm is even and a pace that would have left me spent last year was a walk in the park.   My progress as a runner became apparent.  Now, I need for it to translate more into weight loss and overall fitness. 

Now, I am going to leave you with one of my fav's DU you with some great advice for life:



  1. Glad you are feelin' good and noticing changes in your running for the better.

    Love me some DU!

  2. Thanks! I am feeling pretty good. I have some nagging issues, but overall I am feeling pretty good and running well. I just put up a post about this, but I am only a few moments away from signing up for a full marathon! I am a little nervous to actually pull the trigger, but I am about to eat lunch and when I get back, I just might be filling out some registration stuff!

  3. Ahhhh, I'm stoked to read about it, good for you!