Friday, June 3, 2011

Miami Marathon Registration Run -- 6/2

Well Boys and Girls, I did it.  I have committed myself to running in the Miami Marathon in January.  I am excited, nervous, and slightly overwhelmed.  Regardless of the outcome of good, bad, ugly, downright scary, I am determined to make every effort to enjoy the challenge of this commitment.  I am in 100%!  It is that simple.  If I were not, I wouldn't dream of doing this.  As my love of running has grown over the last year, the challenge of a marathon has been looming off in the distance, seemingly waiting for me to make this leap.  Well, yesterday was the day where I put my chips on the table, and if all goes as planned, I'll go all in on Jan. 28th!
I'm In!
My eating habits are already changing, but I am going to have to get tough on myself, and I expect to have injuries, wretched runs that make me doubt myself, swollen feet, sunburns, fights with horse flies swarms, runs in every weather extreme Raleigh can imagine, and I am sure to face difficulties that I haven't even considered.  But, I welcome it all.  I want and need this sort of challenge in my life, and if in the course of my training anyone that reads this blog begins to hear me bitch and moan too much, please feel free to remind me that I wanted it.

After work I celebrated my registration by attending a very hot Fleet Feet Social Run, which I enjoyed a great deal.  I chose to run the 3 mile hilly course because it most resembles the Komen course that I will be running next Saturday.The heat was still a sweltering 93 yesterday, but we are expecting it to relent for the next five days!  High's in the mid 80's to low 90's!

I ran 3.07 in  28:48.92 for a 9.23 pace.
Mile 1 8:57.71
         2 9:24.67
         3 9:54.67

And just to reflect my mood here is my song for the day:


  1. AWESOME GREG!!! Those good days even if few and far between sometimes make all the bad ones melt away. I'll be so excited to follow your training and give you a kick in the pants if you get down : )

  2. You're goin' to MIAMI! I'm super excited for you!

    Bring on the bitching and moaning...we'll be here to remind you that you wanted it AND PAID GOOD MONEY FOR IT TOO!

  3. Jessie & Irene,

    Thanks so much! I am really excited about the prospects of this challenge. I really want to Run this thing and not just survive it. It is going to be tough, but it wouldn't be worth doing if it weren't!