Sunday, December 5, 2010

Don't Just Walk Home . . . Run . . . or try to anyway: December 3rd, Friday.

How to characterize this week of running?  Hit or miss . . . and mainly miss.  First two runs were crappy, the third one was awesome, and the fourth was back to crappy.  My pesky left quad got real cranky during this run, and just got worse and worse after the run.  I was going to run in a race on Saturday, and since my legs had been acting up all week I figured that I should do a light run on Friday rather than giving them the day off and letting everything tighten up.  Saturday morning was suppose to be cold, so I just thought that it would be better to keep myself in a running rhythm.  After  finished work, I drove my car to Hiroko's work and ran home.  I made it into a 1.75 mile run and finished in 16:17, which is almost exactly the same pace as Wednesday's crappy run.   In fact, this run felt exactly like the same.  I am fairly certain that these leg issues are do to a lack of cross training, and I have to go back to the gym.  I have another race this Saturday, which will be my last race of 2010.  Afterwards, I plan of balancing out my training more.  The best thing that can be said about this race is that it gave me a good idea of what to expect from my leg on Saturday, and I got to use my Garmin.  Other than that, it was forgettable: traffic was bad, the air was cold, and I felt out of sorts. 

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