Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thusday Cold A@@ Social Run: 12/9

Yeah, I went to Fleet Feet for the social run and it was a brisk 34 degrees out.  And, it felt every bit of 34 degrees.  Unlike Monday's nOg Run, I just couldn't get warmed up.  My legs were cold for the whole run.  Granted, I am still wearing shorts, so I should expect to be a little cold.  Also, I didn't really warm up properly either, so I guess that I shouldn't complain all that much.  The run was alright.  I ran the same course that I did last Weds. and Thursday, and I think that my results fell somewhere between the two efforts.  I know for sure that I ran better than Weds. because I have the stats from Old Bob, but I didn't hit the start button on last Thursday's run, so I am only guessing that last Thursday's run was faster than this run.  This week's run was 3.26 in 29:12 according to Old Bob. 
My Reversible Raiders Running Toboggan

Fleet Feet was also having an event that night where they had a person from Craft come by and let people wear test a base layer.  I didn't take part in the event because I was already dressed and didn't feel like changing.  Plus, I didn't know if they would have my size.  I need to start looking into some better cold weather gear.

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