Saturday, October 1, 2011

Carrboro 10k Race Report: 10/1

The Carrboro 10K was a race that I enjoyed a great deal, but may not have been the wisest choice to run from a scheduling stand point.  I was looking for a 10k to fit into my Half Marathon training schedule, but this race was kind of a square peg round hole deal.  If I wanted to run a 10k, it needed to happen two weeks ago, but I'm a rookie, and I made a rookie mistake that will leave me running a 10k the day before the longest run of my training schedule.  FAIL.  

The Race, in and of itself, was a nice little race that showed me a lot about the progress that I've made over the last 8 weeks of training.  This was my third 10k and was by far the least taxing of the three.  The course was actually more challenging that the others, but I ran the distance with very little effort.  Granted, I didn't attempt to challenge my PR, but I came fairly close to my goal pace for the Half Marathon, which is by far more important to me at the moment, and I didn't feel bad at all following the race.  Honestly, I knew that I could easily pick up the pace if I chose, but I made the wise decisions for once and opted not to attempt anything stupid.  Having the 12 miler tomorrow actually helped in that regard.  

I arrived at the race just in time to make the start.  I miss timed my wake up and how long it would take to drive to the race.  I've never in my life been to Carrboro, so the course was also I total mystery.  Yeah . . .  I know . . . You don't need to say anything . . . I can feel your look.  Not smart, huh?  That's ME!  I am not going to bother with attempting to break down the race mile by mile because I ran the whole thing in the same, "just don't hurt yourself" manner.  We had nice weather and aside from the lack of a starting line of a sort, the race was well organized.  I have no complaints at least.  It was pretty windy and chilly, which made for a good test of my lungs and their healing from my breathing troubles this summer following my nasty flu and sinus infection, and I am happy to say that I had no issues breathing at all!  I felt 100% normal.  I plan to still keep using my inhaler before bed until after the Half, but this race has me optimistic that those problems are behind me.  In addition, my shin held up well, and I didn't feel any of the soreness that I felt following last weeks 10 miler other than on the downhills.  I did pick up a hitchhiker in my shoe right at the 4 mile mark that threw my stride off a bit, but other than that the race was just a fun little trot.   

Even though, I didn't run this race that hard, I chose not to run with my camera, but Hiro took a few nice photo, which I've included with this post. I ran with my I-pod during a race for the first time in forever, but I think that I am going to take it with me when I run the Half Marathon because the Neuse River Bridge Half Marathon is a small race, and I have no idea what kind of crowds to expect.  I am sure I will be in for some long lonely miles once the 10k runners finish.  As for the Carrboro 10k, I count this race as a success and just I hope that tomorrows 12 miler will be just a good.
Start of the race

Fast people I never saw

Same as above

same as above

There I am sporting the red shirt and Raiders hat

Not sure that this guy and I were in the same race?


Also Fast

see above

Wow!  My feet touch the ground when I run!  Not like this guy.

My guess is first Female, but I never saw her either

Every time someone passes me with a baby stroller, I tell me that they have probably BQ'ed . . .I kind of helps 

Oh come on!  Two kids . . . you smoked me pushing two kids!  

Just before the finish line

Yeah . . . I'm still not there

This couple passed me around mile 4.  I would like to blame the rock in my shoe, but that's a lie!

Here I am.

Hey, am not looking like death!

58:08 according to Old Bob.

I need to thank Hiroko for all the support she has given my as I follow my running passion!

But . . . She must stop taking pictures of all the people, who finish ahead of me pushing strollers!

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  1. STELLAR job!!! That is awesome that Hiro supports you. The photo of you two is good one.