Saturday, October 1, 2011

Burnouts! 9/27

After Sunday's long run, I felt off for most of the week.  I am totally to blame for this because I didn't take proper care of myself following the run.  Piss poor stretching, no nap, didn't eat well, about the only thing I did right was to ice.  Part of this was because of scheduling issues but that too is still on me.  So, when Tuesday's workout came around, I was in no mood for it.  I decide to to do burnouts as a way to test my progress.  Just pick and exercise and see how many you can do until you need to stop.  Pretty simple.

Bird Dogs 45
Russian Twists 20
Push ups 20
Bicycles 21
Dips 18
Side Obliques L 24 R 32
Crossover Crunch L35 R41
Fire Hydrants 9
Crunches 59
Supermans 25

1 comment:

  1. Good job on the workout, but (*with my finger pointed and my best"mom" voice) BE CAREFUL mister. I've heard mixed messages about stretching, but generally that it's good and beneficial; even if you have time while watching the tele or reading.