Thursday, October 13, 2011

Three Thing Thursday

 1)  I need to give some BIG SHOUT OUTS to Jessie Pants , Irene, and Morgan whose comments on my blog and encouragement over the last few months through illness and training have been awesome.  Ladies, you ROCK MY SOX!  Honestly, I can't tell how happy it make me to see your comments!

2)  I need to give another shout out to my family for supporting me as I worried, fretted, rambled on about, and worried some more about running.  Hiroko, on September 26, 2006, I was lucky enough for you to marry me.  You have supported me, encouraged me, and picked on me every day since.  I love and cherish our life together and want to thank you for dealing with everything so well (including all of the sweaty running clothes), and I promise to never get into the car again after a long run without putting down a towel!

Basil, my little man, I am sorry for all the times I come home sweaty and you've unknowing rubbed up against my sweaty leg or given me a head bump only to come away soaked in sweat.  I know it ticked you off by the way you glared at me as you spent the next two hours grooming.  Sorry Bud!

3)  Tuesday after on run training run with me of 3 miles in 29:57 for 9:57 Hiroko decided to enter the 5k that is running along with my Half marathon.  Seriously, she hasn't run with me in nearly 3 weeks and still kept up just fine.  She make me sick!

Our Splits were:



  1. It's been so fun watching you progress and train for this half! I'm so proud of how far you've come and I can't wait to see how you do! Just believe to achieve my friend and go out there with a "I'm going to be a Half Marathon finisher soon!" attitude! Demand more cowbell as you run by spectators and rally those around you when times get tough. Good luck buddy!

  2. I've taken from your posts much more than I've given. You are a testament to perseverance...or maybe just plain stubborness but still inspiring. :) So thank YOU!

    Hiro makes me green! Some people have that gift of run while the rest of us have to slog through actual training. Ugh!!