Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Pet Peev with Interval Runners and Why I am not a Running Bigot: 10/6

Thursday morning I over slept, so rather than attempt to run the streets of Raleigh during the morning drive time, I chose to run in Umstead following work.  I enjoyed the run a great deal, but the park is a noticeably different place during the week as opposed to the weekends.  Because of the limited day light their appear to be far few runners than on the weekend.  However, the number of mt. bikes seems to have increased exponentially.  I know that their is often a clash between the two groups, but I personally could care less.  I find everyone equally annoying  .  Let's face it, I've been buzzed by mt. bikers and I had runner let out random grunts/yells for no reason as they passed me.  I find both things to be irritating, but I try not to judge a group based upon the idiocy of a few of it's members.  

However, if there is one group that does annoy me for no real reason other than, they annoy me, it is interval runners.  Before people start yelling at me for being a snob or running bigot, let me just say that I am not one of those people that looks down on the practice of running intervals.  It isn't my thing, but whatever floats your boat.  I just find playing runner's leap frog with interval runners very distracting.  I would rather be passed by a person or pass a person and be done with it.  Having the someone pass me, then stop walk awhile, until I pass them, then have them start running again and pass me, and stop and start the cycle all over again . . . ugh . . . it just makes me nuts, and I'll deal with it, but for those of people who run interval and get a sneer from me as you pass me for the seventh time, please know that it is not that I look down on you or a judging you . . . it is just that YOU ARE ANNOYING THE F@*K OUT OF ME!

As you may guess, I had a bit of an issue with a guy running intervals during this run. I'll get over it.

I did 6 miles in 1:00:51 for a 10:08 pace. 

1 10:45
2 10:24
3 10:33
4 10:44
5 9:38
6 8:44

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