Sunday, October 23, 2011

First Cold Morning Run of the Year: 10/20

Fall is in full force here in Raleigh, the leaves are falling, the State Fair is underway, and my morning runs are getting chilly.  A lot of people (Hiroko included) are not pleased with the idea that colder weather is here to stay, but I should not be counted amongst them.  I love the cold weather when it is within reason and in Raleigh it is nearly always within reason.  My only real concern with the change to more brisk weather is that my breathing is getting a bit more difficult.  I'm still using a steroid inhaler at nights before bed in order to breath properly.  My breathing never returned to normal following my flu in the summer, but with the use of an inhaler, I've been doing just fine.  However, I tried to come off of the inhaler following the Half Marathon.  It took only to two days and one run on a cold morning to realize that I had made a bad choice and return to the inhaler.  I don't want to be dependent upon an inhaler, but for the time being, I'll just have to deal with it.

Thursday's run was alright --no real issues at all from soreness and fatigue.  I had a good run and began to think about how I wanted to run the Tobacco Trail 10 miler that was coming up on the weekend.  Overall, I am feeling fairly good about things.  I know what I need to do in regards to my eating habits, and I feel ready to take on the changes that I know are much needed.  I've begun to exercise at home nightly instead of doing a couple hard workouts at the gym each week.  I am just doing abs and pushups for now, and I still plan on going the the gym to add verity to my workout.  But, I know that I need to workout at home in order to avoid being sucked into the couch potato life after work.  I'm also trying to help out more around the house, which I've always prided myself on being fairly good about, but I know that there is more I can do, which helps keep my active and less likely to get bored and graze, and it also earns me some good husband points, which is an added bonus and timely because Hiroko is disgusted by my black toenail.  The little piggy who stayed home on my right foot decided to put on his Halloween costume a bit early it seems. 

4 miler: 42:28 10:29 pace

1 10:51
2 10:20
3 10:26
4 10:23

I maintained my pace pretty well throughout this run.  Here is a song in honor of my Halloween Toe:


  1. Well, once again I'm humbled. PF, knee trouble, and an inhaler? Where you get the motivation to continue running I just don't know but would pay big $$ for that secret if you could bottle it.

    Looking forward to more updates on the eating! Hope Whatever you're doing you're not feeling deprived.

  2. Irene,

    it is a combination of overwhelming regret for all the years I spent watching Hogan's Heroes repeats, the early onset of an existential crisis, and being to stubborn (or stupid) to realize that somethings are not really the best idea! :)

  3. Be proud of the black toenail, you earned it :)