Monday, October 31, 2011

Last weeks nOg Run: 10/24

Last week Hiroko and I attended the nOg Run together for the first time in ages.  It will likely be that last time for ages as well.  Hiro's work is entering her busy time of the year, and it is getting colder here.  Hiroko . . .HATES the cold.  I, on the other hand, don't mind the cold as much as I do the heat.  I am not fond of wind, but could I can deal with for the most part.  I am actually looking forward to running in the colder months to come, but by far Fall is my favorite season of the year. 

The run itself was nice, and I felt much better after the 10 mile race than I did the Half Marathon.  In fact, I had no real ill effects from the 10 miler to speak about at all.  Anyway . . . I am about a week behind on this blog and nothing stands out about this run other than it was nice to run with Hiro at the nOg.

3 mile  28:17 for a 9:25 pace

1 9:30
2 9:17
3 9:29

Here is an interview I found with Anton Krupicka from last winter that I figured would be nice to share, since winter is quickly coming on:

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