Saturday, October 1, 2011

Thursday Three Miler: 9/29

My mind was getting the best of me all week.  Following Sunday's ten miler, my left leg began to have issues.  My leg leg is my problem child and is normally rather cranky.  After Sunday, it was having a fit, which is a little difficult to deal with when you are two weeks out from your first Half Marathon.  My shin was thee kinds of pissed off at me and letting me know it.   And if any of you are following Red, you're keenly aware of the hell that she has been going through with the dreaded injury that must not be named.  So to say that my mind was wandering to the land of worst case scenarios would be waaaaaay more than accurate.  By Wednesday night, I was like hopes . . . CRUSHED . . . dreams . . . FADED . . . Fears . . . RUNNING AMOK!

Making matters worse, I had changed my running schedule to fit in a 10K race the day before my 12 mile long run.  Yes, I know that I am a(n) Fucking idiot.  This is a fact that most of my dating history prior to my meeting my wife would readily confirm (oddly enough most of the mistakes that I dated would also happily confirm this fact as well).  Anyway, umm . . . yeah . . . By the end of the day Wednesday . . . Paranoia out the wahzoo.  Luckily, since I had switched Thursday morning's 6 miler to Saturday and Saturday's 3 miler to Thursday.  I had and easy run to help sort stuff out.  Switching these run also worked out well because I was reassigned at work and began working out of a new office this week, and I ended up having a rather important meeting 9am Thursday to discuss the transition.  If I had run six before that meeting, I doubt that I would have been any where near coherent.  As it turned, 3 miles meant that I could function. 

Despite all of my fears and paranoia, the three miler was nothing.  I did nearly vomit because of the combination of my antibiotic (for a tooth infection) and garbage day . . . meh.  But, other than that no much to write about.  A bit of shin pain that faded as I got warm and throbbed up briefly on or near hills but again faded quickly as I ran.  I turned out that this run was just what I needed to set my mind at ease.  Let's face it, I am a 284 pound guy, who just ran 10 miles and a hilly 10 at that.  Pain should be something that I expect, but it shouldn't send me off in need of a tranquilizer!

3 miles 32.39 for a 10:40 pace

1 10:56
2 10:30
3 10:38

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  1. Glad you felt good for your 3, phew. You are so right, aches and pains are normal, but that doesn't mean we worry any less. Good job listening to your body also and going with a shorter one.