Tuesday, September 28, 2010

1 Mile Run and Toning Class: 9/28

Had a good workout today.  I needed to get back to more cross training, which made today's class all the more important.  Hiroko and I went to Bryan's afternoon toning class.  I had planned on going to his Sports Conditioning class Monday morning, but I overslept.  Today, I made sure that I changed before I left work just to insure that I would get to the gym with plenty of time to spare.  I actually got there sort of early allowing me to run before class.  I decided to run a mile on the indoor track and to try and push it -- giving me a better idea of the progress of my heels.  I ran about an 8 minute mile by my monkey math!  (I really need/want a Garmin).  The run went well and the heel felt much better that the last time I tried to run on the indoor track.  I wasn't really winded after this run -- no coughing or anything, which is a big change from the last time I ran this pace.  I encouraged because this track is really tight and I have to slow down in the corners, so I think that in a straight run I would do a little better.

The class was very good.  Actually, it was kind of tough.  Hiroko and I both agreed that it was pretty difficult.  Bryan focused a good deal of attention on the quads, which was exactly were Friday's class hit as well.  I was hurting right off the bat.  I used 10lb. dumbbells and the 18lb. body bar for the class, but the were not a problem.  The problem came from the abs.  Mine are currently feeling like something close to Hubba Bubba Bubble gum, so an abs hell day was pretty rough.  We did tons of different planks and bicycles along with a few other ab exercises.  I know I needed it, but it is going to make tomorrow morning class difficult to face because Hiro and I are both sore already.  Most times, we don't feel this sore until the day after the workout, so I am not really sure what is in store for me tomorrow!

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