Friday, September 17, 2010

KT Tape & a Friday Morning Sunrise Run: 9/17

I'll be doing a bit of traveling over the next few days, which is why I altered my workout plan and will not be running in Umstead tomorrow.  Last night I retaped my feet with KT Tape.  It is more flexible than the tape used by the PA, but it seemed to do the job.  However, the PA also used a medical glue to keep the tape on that I forgot to buy until I had already started my retaping.  The tape is starting to come off at the edges -- I'll need to redo it sooner than I would had I used the glue, but that is OK with me because I want to keep my feet clean.

The exact tape I am using.  Yes, I have giant size 15 Green Feet!

 I don't know that much about KT tape, and I'm really not sure if I should be using it this way, so if anyone who reads this would like to offer up some good advise on what I should be using, please feel free to comment on this Blog! 

I got up a little later than I would normally if I were going to the gym, but since I wasn't taking a class today, I thought that sleeping in until 5am would be a nice little treat.  The 5k run to the State Capitol and back from the Y is mainly flat and even though it is through the city streets usually offers very little traffic at my normal run times.  However I started about 45 mins. later, which meant that I would have to trade seeing the sunrise for more traffic.  Today, it was a good deal because even though their was some cloud cover, I really enjoyed watching the sunrise over the downtown.  The first mile of this morning's run was on of those where your body keeps asking you if you're really sure that this is what you want to be doing, but as I hit mile two and the sun came up everything seemed to come together.  I found a good stride and on the way back came across another runner to pace myself against, which made things all the more pleasant.  I kept finding myself staring up at the sky drifting around in my thoughts as I ran back to the Y.  I wasn't really thinking about anything important or even memorable, but I just felt really relaxed.   Only two things that took me out my mellow running trance: the smells wafting from the IHOP as I ran past -- uhhhh -- bacon grease, and the sight of two drunk college guys, still holding their beers, screaming into a cell phone to their lost taxi driver. 

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  1. Hi Greg! Good question on the Garmin. Mine actually did give me a read out through the whole race, and I kept tabs on it periodically, but wasn't quite believing what it told me (it was correct) because the race felt easier than it should have. I think that my good performance was do to weather and race day conditions (not being at elevation or 100+ temps for once), and I wasn't particularly influenced by the Garmin. I can say that I think I pushed it just a little bit more toward the finish than I may have otherwise, because I knew I was on pace for a PR.
    I would recommend one for training and racing - particularly if you're a numbers centric person. It is easy to get too wrapped up in the numbers and trying to stay on a very specific pace, but you just have to be reasonable with your expectations. Using any sort of pacing device takes some getting used to as well, and i think i'm finally getting into a space where i'm using mine a bit more successfully - and trusting my body that it can handle the things i'm throwing at it!