Monday, September 13, 2010

Running with Fast People & Heading to the MD: 9/13

Recently, I've been running more alone than as part of my classes, so this morning's run as part of Plycore was a welcome change.  Most of the people who take these classes are in much better shape than I am.  Even though, I have gotten much stronger over the last year, their conditioning is far better than mine, so keeping up with them is always a challenge.  We ran 2.67 miles this morning, but consider I don't have a Gamin yet -- I can't tell you what pace we ran, but I do know that it was much faster than I am currently running when I run on my own.  The first three guy were out about a full two blocks ahead of me by the time we reached the halfway point.  I was able to stay with the next three ladies until we were about two thirds of the way through the course, but the settled in about a half of a block behind them and losing ground quickly.  It was a challenge just to keep up with them as longs as I did and required much more form me than I normally put out.  Normally, I have enough energy to sprint out at the end, but that was not an option on today's run.  I may have been able to pick it up a little but didn't try because that wasn't the point.  My goal is to be able to keep up on these runs at my own normal pace.  I know that it will require a lot of continued effort on my part, but I am committed to my running goals.

After class I did a few cross training exercise on my own because the class stuff was sure to aggravate my Achilles.  I made sure that I stretched a lot, then hit the foam roller.  I can see this being my SOP for a while.  I hope not, but I think it will last this way until I finish my next race on the 9th. 

To that end, I will be going to the MD this afternoon to talk about my heels.  I have been avoiding it because I know that I will be told that I should take some time off from running.  And -- I just can't bring myself to do it.  However, I don't want to take the risk of injury, so I have decided to suck it up and go.  At the very least, I might get a better idea of what is going on with my heels.  Do I have Achilles Tendonites?  Is it Plantar Fasciitis?  Some weird hybrid?  or maybe there is a demon living in there that just hates me?  Who knows, but I hope after today that I will at least have a better idea of what treatment might help.  Also, I will be traveling this weekend, so If i just cross train the remainder of this week and the remainder of next week after I return I might be able to give myself something close to two weeks off from running.  Maybe?  Not promising!?!  Probably won't happen, but we shall see!

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