Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jet Lag Jaunt, Sept. 23

Hiro & I at Tiburon
Feeling rather out of sorts at the moment.  Hiroko (my wife) and I flew out to the bay area for the weekend for the Raiders home opener and some sight seeing.  Our 5th wedding Anniversary is coming up this weekend and we wanted to take a trip to celebrate.  Neither of us had been to the Bay area before and I am a huge Oakland Raider fan, so we just combined our efforts on this one.  It was an awesome trip!  The Raiders won, which is a rarity these days, but I digress.  We did lots of walking around the city, and climbed tons of hills.  I really loved it, and I could tell that San Fransisco is a much more fit city than Raleigh.  The food was much more healthy and the citizenry were strikingly more active.  This wasn't shocking in the slightest considering the staggering obesity rates here in the south.  I didn't do any workouts while I was there, however, because we just did so much walking and were there for so little time (4 days and 3 nights).  However, I would love to come back and run the Bay to the Breakers next year.  I'm going to cross my fingers that I will be able to take some vacation around that time.

Violator Raider and I
Now that I we have returned, I am still feeling like a mess.  I wouldn't really say that I am Jet Lagged, but my biorhythms are certainly out of sorts.  I could sleep last night and had to leave work after being there only a hour.  I knew that if I stayed I would fall asleep at my desk.  I attempted sleep this afternoon but could only get an hour or two of tossing and turning sleep.  To make matters worse, the temperature in SF was around 70 degrees the entire time we were there, but we have returned to an ungodly 95 to 98 degrees.  I frickin' hate the weather here!  I mean, it is nearly October already!  I waited to go for a run until 6:30pm, but the heat was still brutal.  I was also incredibly out of sorts, and I was just happy to have the run over with.  I did 2.5 miles and stopped off at the gym for a few quick abs and push ups.  I"m just hoping that I will be enough to let me sleep tonight and get my body use to activity again.

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