Sunday, March 20, 2011

Doing Away with the Crap: Wednesday Sports Conditioning

Three straight crap runs were reason enough for a change, but the changing I ended up doing wasn't what I had in mind.  I used Tuesday as a rest day because I had run on Sunday when I should have rested.  The time change made the morning classes difficult to attend, so I only attended the afternoon Sports Conditioning class.  Cross training is going to be really important if I want to avoid injury over the spring and summer.  The weather is getting nice and the urge to run everyday is going to get stronger as the days get longer.  I'll need to go to the gym in the morning to avoid the temptation because it will be difficult to force myself into the gym on a beautiful day after work.

The class was a standard stations class with intervals.  We did seven sets of one exercise before moving on to a new station.  Each set was 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds rest.  The exercises were sprints, bicycles, Bosu step ups, push ups, side shuffles, mountian climbers, and hamstring pulls with the exercise ball. 

Yes, my litter box is clean!
I began with sprints and ended with the hamstring pulls, which I think was for the best.  The hamstring exercises were awesome and  really hit my hammy's hard. Sprinting after doing those would have just sucked.  The push ups were the most difficult of all of the exercises, and cost me the most becasue I challenged Hiro do 15 in her last set.  She busted out 15 (girl push ups) in 20 seconds meeting the goal that I set.  Her reward was that I would clean Basil's litter box next time it needed cleaning.  Next time, I will maker her do 10 guy pushups because Basil is a really awesome cute cat, but a litter box is still a litter box!

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