Thursday, March 17, 2011

Slog Fest -- Part 2: You Never Learn! 3/13

Wish that I could say I learned my lesson from the day before and got out for my run early, shook off the wonkiness, and had a great run.  Just didn't even happen.  I piddled around most of the morning -- can't even remember what I did . . .ok . . . I watched a Top Chef Marathon . . . Shoot me!  Then the Caps were playing the Blackhawks at 12:30pm, so I couldn't leave.

At one point I decided that I wasn't going to run.  I would just take the day off and rest, but then I read  AR's Race Report, got all jazzed up, and decided to run.  Yep, I am the king of waffling!  Once again I find myself leaving in the mid-afternoon for a run with spring in full effect.  Just brilliant!  My plan is to run 5, but I am having a difficult time deciding where to run.  Yep, more waffling!  I don't want any part of hills, nor do I feel like dealing with traffic, so both the greenway and my local neighborhood are out.  I decide to run on the track near my house, but it is in use.  Which leads me to take the lesser of two evils and go with the hilly greenway over the streets.  But, I decide to cut it down to 3.5 rather than 5 and avoid some of the more major hills.

The first mile is all right: 9:24.87 nothing great, but nothing awful.
The second mile is more hilly, and I want no part of it.  I'm slogging through it angry at myself for waiting this long into the day and wishing that I had taken my I-pod with me.  I did this mile in 10:11.64
Mile 3 was just right back up the hill and just as unfun.  I did it in 10:49.91 and was just feeling like total crap.  The last .51 took 4:49.82 for a 9:32 pace, which can only be attributed to my intense desire to get this run over with. 

The whole run came 3.51 which I did in 35:16.24 for a 10:03 pace.  Meh!


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  1. Good job on getting out and hope that a good run is right around the corner for you!